The Beginner’s Guide to Events

The Beginner’s Guide to Events

Unity Sand Ceremonies: What You Need To Know

One of the best things of gracing a wedding occasion is having a feel of the couple’s culture. There are many ways that people go about this and good examples are cake cutting and a first dance. Similarly to the unity candle approach, unity sand ceremonies are also making inroads as they’re also a symbol of unity among the newlyweds. The entwining of sand patterns bring out how the husband and wife have now become one.

Some folks prefer leaving some sand in the vase so as to indicate that despite them becoming one, they are in their own right individuals. It’s essential to figure out how this ceremony functions, and it is then that you can make up your mind as to what you would like incorporated. Despite this seeming a practice that is new in the 21st century, it isn’t really the case. This is a practice believed to have been started by Hawaii’s indigenous people and it does not seem like this is a passing trend.

Sand ceremonies were also common with Native Americans whereby they dyed sand using natural elements. Ochre was used when they needed make the sand yellow and gypsum on the other hand was used to bring out a blue coloration. Additional organic elements were utilized to generate a rainbow of other colorations. It is this colored sands that were utilized in the making of sand mosaics to be used in various ceremonies.
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A number of factors need to be considered anytime unity sand ceremonies are being planned. People have varying preferences when it comes to colors and it would be wise to pinpoint the one you like. It is along the same lines that considering the color preference of your spouse will ensure he/she doesn’t feel any disconnect. Note that vases come in different types and it would be prudent to get one that is appreciated by both parties.
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If you intend to have attractive pictures during your auspicious occasion, it would be good to pay attention to the sand color. Keep in mind that having too many bright colors could negatively affect harmony. On the other hand, too much of pastel shades might blend together so that you end up with images that lack sand layer differentiation.

A sand unity ceremony has a lot of advantages to offer. There are churches and temples that don’t allow candle use and thus a sand ceremony will come in handy. Children can even be allowed to partake in the vow taking ceremony. Unity sand ceremonies stand out considering the couple will have something exquisite to serve as a reminder of the vows they took.

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